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When students submit their manuscript and project information, they receive a journal code. Once the submission deadline of Monday, September 20, 2020 is passed, students can use this code to check the status of their submission: whether their paper has been accepted, not accepted, or needs to be modified before a final decision can be made. Students can also review their submitted material and, if necessary, use this page to make revisions.

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  Deadline: Monday, September 21, 2020

Undergraduate students who have completed a faculty-mentored research or creative project between the Spring Quarter of 2019 and Summer 2020 are eligible to submit work for publication in the 2020 UCI Undergraduate Research Journal. Your faculty mentor’s approval of the manuscript is required prior to submission. After submission, the UROP Student Editorial Board, composed of undergraduates from all disciplines, provides an initial review of the papers. Guided by this review, the UROP Faculty Advisory Board selects the papers to be published in the Journal.

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Check the Status of Your Submission

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