2003 Biographical Questions


  1. How did you initially get involved in a faculty-mentored undergraduate research project or creative activity? Describe your project's uniqueness.

  2. What was your favorite part of the research experience?

  3. What are your future plans, including the 2003 and 2004 academic year, and how do you think your research experience will impact your career?

  4. What advice would you give to other students interested in conducting research?

  5. Has this research been published in a journal or presented at any conference other than the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium? If applicable, please indicate the journal's name, volume, issue number, and co-authors and/or the conference's title and date.

  6. What are some of your extracurricular activities and/or hobbies?

Reminder: Please attach a 2 ½ x 2 ½ photograph (headshot) of yourself with a light background of publishable quality that we can scan. Alternatively you can submit a scanned photo of yourself on the provided disk if it meets the graphics requirements outlined in the Paper Submission Guidelines.

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