Journal Advisors

Sharon V. Salinger
Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education

Said M. Shokair
Director, UROP

UROP Faculty Advisory Board

Professor Sally S. Dickerson
Professor Samuel L. Gilmore
Professor Diana N. Krause
Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard H. Lathrop
Professor Hartmut Luecke
Professor Jane O. Newman
Professor James S. Nowick
Professor James W. Penrod

UROP Student Editorial Board

Emily Grothe
Yazeed Ibrahim
Nima Nassiri
Brett Reid

UROP Journal Assistants

Megan Nowell Kaufman, Publications & Web Assistant
Jerry McMillan, Journal & Symposium Student Advisor
Henry Yan, Computer Programmer and Analyst

~ Letter from the UROP Student Editorial Board ~

Enriching one’s studies through research is one of the greatest academic experiences an undergraduate can have. This opportunity is an important part of the undergraduate experience at UC Irvine, as indicated by the sixty-two papers that were submitted for possible publication in this year’s Journal. The papers spanned all academic disciplines, from the Biological and Physical Sciences to the Arts and Humanities. It has been our responsibility and honor to evaluate each paper, selecting only the very best for publication. We based our evaluations on the creativity of the project, the quality of writing, and the significance of the analysis to its discipline, and the result is a tribute to some of the most successful and creative students at UC Irvine. The authors of the papers submitted to this year’s Journal labored for months to complete the research necessary for their papers, and the editors worked nearly as long to ensure the highest quality of the published volume. It is the pleasure of the UROP Student Editorial Board to present the best seven of these papers in Volume XI of The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal. We hope that the research presented here is simply a precursor of great things to come as the authors proceed on their academic journeys and continue to contribute significant works to their respective fields.


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