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About the UCI Undergraduate Research Journal

The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal, produced by UROP, is a compilation of outstanding papers submitted by UCI undergraduate students from all disciplines who have completed faculty-mentored research projects or creative activities. It provides a forum for UCI’s best undergraduate researchers to showcase their work while enlightening students, the UCI community, high schools, community colleges, funding agencies, and corporations about the strength of UCI’s undergraduate research community. Submitting a paper for this Journal exposes students to scholarly journal writing, which is valuable not only for graduate and professional schools, but also for every career. The Journal is a tribute to UCI’s commitment to faculty-mentored undergraduate research.

The Process
The Call for Papers for the Journal is announced to all faculty and undergraduates in Spring Quarter of every year. Manuscripts are submitted online annually in early July and initially reviewed in the summer and fall by the UROP Student Editorial Board, who makes recommendations to the UROP Faculty Advisory Board. The Faculty Advisory Board makes the final selection of papers to be published. The Student Board and the UROP Journal Assistants handle the final editing and publication process for the selected papers. The Journal Assistants produce edited layouts for the Student Editorial Board, student authors, and their faculty mentors to review before the Journal is published.

Student Editorial Board
Student Editorial Board Members are undergraduates from diverse disciplines who are selected for their research experience, knowledge of the curriculum and requirements of their discipline or major, excellent interpretation and communication skills, superior editing skills, ability to work with the quick deadlines of the Journal, and open-mindedness. Being on the Board is a serious time commitment. If you are interested in becoming part of the Board, fill out the Student Editorial Board Application (MS Word document) or e-mail Said Shokair about your interest.

Journal Publication Status

The 2012 Journal has recently been published and we are in the review and editing process for the 2013 Journal. We will begin accepting papers for possible publication in the 2014 Journal during Spring Quarter. Click here to view the Number of Submitted and Published Manuscripts by School.