Link K. Le

Political Science, Anthropology

Linh Le hopes to pursue a career as a diplomat and feels that his work on this research project has given him tremendous insight into facilitating collaborations between different cultures. He has also enjoyed the opportunity to explore an area of Internet culture that he considers not to have been widely known or researched. Outside of academia, Linh enjoys reading, playing basketball and talking to people on the Internet.triangle.gif (504 bytes)




Virtual idol Hatsune Miku represents a unique phenomenon in the twenty-first century. For fans, this virtual idol represents a new wave of entertainment and engagement. Within academia, Miku represents an opportunity to explore new models for global collaboration. With the proliferation of the Internet, society has had a glimpse of the power that comes from the combined forces of globalization and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. However, in looking at those cases, what we have seen is how real life events facilitate actions in social media. On the other hand, Hatsune Miku provides a case study for the exact opposite: how an event/persona created by social media inspires actions in real life. The goal of this paper is to look at the Hatsune Miku Phenomenon from the perspectives of the fans, the media, the creators, etc., in order to understand how this virtual singer has inspired a new wave of creativity that is changing not only Japan but the entire world, especially in how we understand copyright and engagement.triangle.gif (504 bytes)

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Faculty Mentor                                                                                                                

Caesar D. Sereseres

School of Social Sciences

This article by Linh K. Le can be considered a “futuristic” piece of thinking and writing. Mr. Le is a Suma Cum Laude, double major and Honor's student in Political Science and Anthropology, with a 3.9 GPA. He is great academically and an excellent researcher. His research incorporates the following: Who and what is “Hatsune Miku?”; Why is her rise in the international computer community important?; and What are the international implications on this technology? While the article itself is of value, Mr. Le goes on to argue that the software known as “Hatsune Miku” allows the community that revolves around this figure the creativity that questions intellectual property ownership. Read and enjoy the work of an undergraduate whose thinking and writing have no limits!triangle.gif (504 bytes)

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