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Figure 4
ACE electrophoretograms for the interactions between 293- and CHO-derived glypican-AP fusion proteins and 3 extracellular ligands: Type I collagen, bFGF, and laminin-1.   The top gels are for 293-derived glypican-AP, and the bottom gels for CHO-derived glypican-AP.  The ligand concentrations for each binding assay are indicated at the bottom of the gels.  The gels for CHO-derived glypican-AP also show, in addition to the expected ACE patterns, a relatively dark, non-shifting horizontal band near the top (arrow).  The presence of this band is probably due to degraded products of the fusion protein and is accounted for as described in Materials and Methods.  Images of the gels were taken with a digital camera using 1D Image Analysis Software (Kodak Digital Science).

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