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2013-2014 MDP Participants

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to participate in the Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP) in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Project Title Faculty Mentors Student Researchers
Adaptive English Language Learning Platform Professor Alexander Ihler
Professor Mark Warschauer
Ms. Suhang Jiang
Leonard Bejosano
Suhang Jiang
Yuan Ning
Youngmin Park
Jiayi Shen
Le (Debbie) Yu
An Implantable, Nano-Scale, Wireless System for Permanent Human Brain-Computer Interface Applications Professor An Do
Professor Payam Heydari
Professor Zoran Nenadic
Esther Chu
SeyedBehzad Samavaty
Application and Market Potential of Nanobubbles for Water Purification Professor Sunny Jiang
Professor William Requejo Hernandez
Genel Abordo
Avinash Chainani
Applying an Innovative Dynamic Systems Approach to Explore Social Communication between Parents and their Children with Autism Professor Wendy Goldberg
Professor Yuqing Guo
Monica Garcia
Christina Garibay
Tiffany Holtman
Paola Martinez
Applying an Innovative Technological Approach to Family Music Therapy for Improving Developmental Outcomes in Children with Autism Professor Ellen Olshansky
Professor Kimberley Lakes
Professor Mark Bachman
Professor Robin Steinberg-Epstein
Professor Wendy Goldberg
Professor Yuqing Guo
Aditi Bhatia
Sara Foreman
Rea Reyes
Tiffany Yu
Design and Test of a Low-Cost Thermoelectrically-Powered Portable Water Catchment and Filtration System for Informal Settlements Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin
Professor Diego Rosso
Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores
Guillermo Gomez
Marielisa Hecht
Dana Hernandez
Andy Lam
Michael Luong
Design of a Cookstove Initiation for Implementation in Endana, Kenya Professor Brandon Brown
Professor Diego Rosso
Professor Russell Detwiler
Gurleen Bhatia
Ashley Ciglar
Abigail Cooke
Marcel Flores
Dominique Ingato
Zahra Nemati
Aoife White
Design of Wearable Light Source for Phototherapy of Skin Professor Bernard Choi
Professor Kristen Kelly
Jue Hou
Sogand Kavianpour
Yukang Zhang
Design-Based Research for Educational Games Professor AnneMarie Conley
Ms. Cathy Tran
Professor William Tomlinson
Christine Bediones
Chris Berizko
Chantal Fry
Martha Han
Nathan Petitti
Minnie Wu
Kathleen Pham
Designing "Autism-Friendly" Environments Ms. Daniyel Grancich
Professor David Timberlake
Professor Scott Bollens
Daniyel Grancich
Nancy Lo
Nabila Mohammed
Dakota Schuck
Development of Multi-Functional Microfluidic Platform for Study of Neural Signaling Professor David Luo
Dr. Lawrence Kulinsky
Ashley Hoang
Jihang Lu
Eashani Sathialingam
Thar Soe
Edward Yue
Evaluation of Gait Parameters and Physical Activity Level in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Patients Using a Pressure and Acceleration Sensing Insole Professor Mark Bachman
Professor Ran Schwarzkopf
Maneka Badrinath
Stephanie Eng
Jordan Ritkes
Improving Health Literacy through Underserved Women's Access to their Medical Records Professor Brandon Brown
Professor Ellen Olshansky
Professor Julie Rousseau
Professor Yuqing Guo
Citadel Cabasag
Anita Gilbert
Kaitlin Madary
Hillary Russ
Chloe Segismundo
Cheryl Tang
Ana Zavala
Low-Cost Genetic Testing Technology for the Medicine of the Future Ms. Alexandra Perebikovsky
Dr. Lawrence Kulinsky
Ms. Ling Kong
Professor Marc Madou
Professor Sheryl Tsai
Dr. Regis Peytavi
Rohit Murthy
Alexandra Perebikovsky
Patrick Sims
Magnetic Tweezer with Video Feedback for Biological Applications Professor Elliot Botvinick
Professor Gultekin Gulsen
Danny Chang
Timothy Chen
Darya Moshrefi
Linyi Xia
Sustainable Aquaponics: Using Solar Power to Energize a Food-Producing Ecosystem Professor Stanley Grant
Professor William Tomlinson
Gary Chang
Kevin Simonson
Harry Tabata
Andrew Truong
Stefan Wenthe
Vestibular Rehabilitation Using Wide-Angled Head Mounted Displays with Stereoscopic 3D Professor Cristina Lopes
Dr. Hamid Djalilian
Adrian Foy
Marlon Maducdoc
Kha Tran
Why are People Homeless? Understanding the Individual Determinants of Homelessness in Southern California Professor Amihai Glazer
Professor Ed Clarke
Mr. Justin Jarvis
Harris Ahmed
Matthew Guevara
Juan Herrera
Justin Jarvis
Quinn Kantor
Xiaowen Yu

Number of Applications Submitted = 126
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 81

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Managing Director
Multidisciplinary Design Project (MDP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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