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2014-2015 MDP Participants

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to participate in the Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP) in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Project Title Faculty Mentors Student Researchers
An Innovative Dynamic Systems Approach to Exploring Emotion Coregulation in Children with Autism in the Context of the Strange Situation Professor Yuqing Guo
Professor Wendy Goldberg
Professor Kimberley Lakes
Abigail Chin
Desiree De Pace
Damaris Hernandez
Long Hoang
Shuang An (Anne) Liang
Emily Provenzano
Valentina Valentovich
Applying an Innovative Technology to the Design of a Toy to Promote Social Interaction in Children with Autism Professor Mark Bachman
Professor Yuqing Guo
Professor Wendy Goldberg
Professor Robin Steinberg-Epstein
Aditi Bhatia
Sara Foreman
Rea Reyes
Tiffany Yu
Automated Biological Image Analysis using Computer Vision and Machine Learning Professor Charless Fowlkes
Professor Olivier Cinquin
Edmund Florendo
Shu Kong
Zhongxuan Mou
DanceChemistry Professor Sheron Wray
Dr. Kimberly Edwards
Ms. Gidget Tay
Jaruwan Amtawong
Elke Calvert
Jessica Harper
Irishia Hubbard
Nicole Nava
Christina Owens
Gregory Suryn
Valeria Villa-Anzaldo
Design-Based Research for Educational Games Professor William Tomlinson
Professor AnneMarie Conley
Ms. Cathy Tran
Ms. Katerina Schenke
Ohoud Alharbi
Patricia Cortez
Peter McPartlan
Qi Shi
Joshua Tjokrosurjo
Minerva Wu
Iris Zeng
Designing Generalizable Crowdsourcing Methods for Large-Scale Database Transcription and Digitalization: The Mesoamerican Color Survey Data Archive Professor Ian Harris
Dr. Kimberly Jameson
Dr. Sergio Gago Masagué
Dr. Sean Tauber
Nathanial Benjamin
Stephanie Chang
Prutha Deshpande
Yang Jiao
Zhimin Xiang
Designs for Evolving Self-Organizing Information Systems: Pragmatic Algorithms for Communicating Information Professor Louis Narens
Professor Dominik Wodarz
Professor Natalia Komarova
Dr. Kimberly Jameson
Hengrui Gu
Bojun Jiao
Katie Khuu
David Massatt
Philip Pachigalla
Jungkyu Park
Arun Shivaramakrishna
Development and Deterrence: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Offending Professor Elizabeth Cauffman
Professor Benjamin van Rooij
Mr. Adam Fine
Matthew Guevara
Mary Sargious
Lauren Texter
Development of Assessment Tools to Measure Sleep and Evaluate Motor Performance Professor Mark Bachman
Dr. Kelli Sharp
Aaron Chang
Irena Mao
Rahul Rangali
Brianna Tu
Mansi Tyagi
Hongnian Yu
Health360 — Comprehensive, Intuitive and Interactive View of Health Aspects to Drive Self-Healthcare and Social Well-Being Professor Sharad Mehrotra
Professor Rajesh Gulati
Professor Sonali Iyer
Professor John Billimek
Idda Colcol
Anmol Rajpurohit
Tatiana Sarkhosh
Fe Valencia
Placemaking — Recreating Social and Sustainable Place at UCI Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar
Professor Alladi Venkatesh
Mary Chen
Wei-Lung (Jackie) Chen
Kathleen Deck
Roya Madjlessi
Puma Shen
Radiofrequency Ablation in the Application of Treating Overactive Bladders Professor G.P. Li
Professor Jaime Landman
Dr. Rongwei Mao
Hsiang-Yu Chan
Carlos Gomez-Mustafa
Shang-Yu Hung
User-Friendly Intelligence Gathering for Public Health Professor Brandon Brown
Dr. Terry Schmidt
Nanor Bozoyan
Neil Jaramillo
Victoria Kim
Mirka Murillo
Lauren Stasiak
Carrie Zhao
Vestibular Rehabilitation using Wide-Angled Head Mounted Displays with Stereoscopic 3D Professor Hamid Djalilian
Professor Norman Harris
Professor Crista Lopes
Liyan Chen
Antony Ibrahim
Marlon Maducdoc
Jessica Vu

Number of Applications Submitted = 112
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 72

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Managing Director
Multidisciplinary Design Project (MDP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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