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There are many research and creative opportunities available to undergraduates. Students can conduct a research or creative project in ANY discipline, no matter if their interest is anthropology, biomedical sciences, composition, dance, engineering, psychology, etc. UROP helps students find research and creative opportunities either on campus with faculty, or off campus with industrial partners, national labs, and other universities.

To better understand the importance of undergraduate research on this campus, UCI invited faculty to respond to an assessment survey in Winter 2002 on several aspects of undergraduate research, including the potential benefits of undergraduate research for students, and what makes the research experience important for undergraduates. Here are a few highlights.

Benefits of Research

Undergraduate research and creative activities have become an integral component of the education an undergraduate expects to receive at UCI. UCI faculty members were asked to assess the benefits of undergraduate research to students. Here are some of their common responses:

  • Drawing conclusions, critical analysis, and problem solving skills
  • Developing communication skills and working independently
  • Understanding and applying research methods, ethics, and conduct rules
  • Understanding the link between academics and other careers
  • Using technology and computer programs
  • Learning to think in innovative and creative ways
  • Working successfully with a diverse group of people
Significant Experience

Undergraduates have a chance to gain skills and experience that will be valuable in any career path. UCI faculty members were asked what makes the undergraduate research experience unique and valuable. Here are some of their common responses:

  • Faculty access, one-on-one interaction
  • Real world applications
  • Get to use research methods
  • May lead to research careers
  • Students expand knowledge of subject matter
  • Hands-on experience

UROP is committed to facilitating valuable relationships between students and faculty, and between students and off-campus organizations. Conducting research or engaging in a creative activity exposes students to experiences that will make a difference in their future career field. We encourage all undergraduates to find an area or topic they are interested in and investigate it. The road to research begins here.

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Researcher's Handbook
Finding research opportunities as an undergraduate can be difficult. Here are some helpful hints to aid in your research journey.

Researcher of the Month
Each month UROP selects one outstanding student who has shown the qualities and characteristics of academic excellence. Read more about this month's outstanding researcher, and learn more about those selected in the past.

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Each month UROP selects one UCI faculty mentor who has participated in and contributed to the advancement of undergraduate research and creative projects.

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