On-Campus Opportunities                  
To get started, first narrow down your own research or creative project interests. Think about the courses you have taken and the subjects that interest you. To find out about faculty research interests, visit their profiles—available under school and departmental Web sites, or by accessing the UCI Faculty Profile Web site (www.faculty.uci.edu) and searching by their name. Talking to Teaching Assistants might also help you to get an idea of faculty interests. Browse through scholarly journals to see if any of the articles spark your interest. Graduate course listings let you know what areas are currently being taught, which could be a potential subject of interest for you. Look through our compilation of on-campus research opportunities, which have been submitted by UCI faculty. This list is not inclusive; we recommend that you still review faculty profiles.

Once you have some topics in mind and have identified a potential faculty mentor or have found a project of interest in our on-campus opportunities listings, contact the professor by e-mail. Make sure you are familiar with the professor’s work before you compose the e-mail. Read their faculty profile and articles they have written in journals, or find out what they have written or performed. If possible, attend one of their lectures, performances, or productions. We have provided a sample e-mail to use as a guide, but you need to personalize it to highlight your own strengths and weaknesses.

When you meet with your potential faculty mentor, be on time, dress properly, answer questions honestly, have questions ready for them, and thank them for their time. It is between you and your faculty mentor to decide if your interests match for a research or creative opportunity. After the initial visit, it is also up to you and your faculty mentor to discuss project details and related expectations. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • How many hours will you be working each week?
  • Will you get academic credit?
  • What do they consider to be an 'A' performance?
  • Who will you be reporting to?
  • What will your specific duties be?
  • Is this a group or individual project?
  • What additional books or articles do they recommend that you read?

If you need further assistance, you can fill out the Student Researcher Interest Form and then schedule an appointment with a UROP Advisor to discuss your options, ideas or questions in more detail. Also, keep in mind that students who are involved in UCI research or creative projects are invited to submit a request for funding in response to UROP's Call for Proposals. If you are conducting a project over the summer, you may be eligible for a SURP grant.