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[IMG]SURF-IT Fellows in Front of Calit2 Building.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:21 40K 
[IMG]SURF-IT Fellows Hard at Work in the Calit2 Building.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:21 38K 
[IMG]SURF-IT Fellows Enjoy Presentation by One of Their Mentors.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:21 25K 
[IMG]SURF-IT Fellows Enjoy Pizza After a Seminar.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:21 40K 
[IMG]SURF-IT Fellow Presenting to Faculty and Program Participatns.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:21 26K 
[IMG]SURF-IT Fellow Content With His Progress.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:21 39K 
[IMG]SURF-IT Faculty Mentor Presenting.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:21 25K 
[IMG]SURF-IT Faculty Mentor Engaging Fellows With his Research.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:21 25K