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2014 SURF-IT Fellows

Congratulations to the following students for receiving a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Information Technology (SURF-IT) Fellowship in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name UCI Faculty Mentor
Project Title

Soheil Akhavan Masouleh

Professor Hamid Jafarkhani

Study and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network using Motes and a Software-Defined Radio Platform (USRP)

John Delshadi

Professor Yunan Chen

Evaluating the Use and Affordance of the iPad for Standardized Patient Encounters during Clinical Skills Examinations

Anita Gilbert

Professor Gillian Hayes

Supporting Under-Resourced NGOs in the Global South

Devin Held

Professor Mark Warschauer

Designing a Technology Use Monitor and Awareness App for College Students

Joseph Mehrabi

Professor Debra Richardson

Evaluation of Requirements Engineering for Sustainability (RE4S)

Dominic Scarmardo

Professor Peter Burke

An Improved Graphene Transfer Process for Biological Functionalization

Vasu Sharma

Professor Andrei Shkel

An Exploration of Mathematical Modeling for the Vestibular System and Optimization of Vestibular Prosthesis Prototype

Diane Shin

Professor Warren Wiechmann

Access to the Internet and Mobile Applications in a Mixed Population Emergency Department

William Stone

Professor Andre van der Hoek

CodeGlass: Increasing Programmer Productivity by Presenting Relevant Contextual Information through Google Glass

Stefan Wenthe

Professor William Tomlinson

Arduino to Monitor Sustainable Aquaponics

Number of Applications Submitted = 17
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 10

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Managing Director
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Information Technology (SURF-IT)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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