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A multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of undergraduate research, scholarship and creativity at UC Irvine
University of California, Irvine Student Center Saturday, May 10, 2003

The Undergraduate Research Experience: Perception & Reality
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Abstracts must be typewritten and saved on the provided disk.
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  • Abstract must be created in Microsoft Word
  • Must follow the sample format specified below, including the heading

Abstracts may include text only. No charts, graphs, or tables will be allowed.
Abstracts must be no longer than 250 words.
Type one, single-spaced paragraph.
Print abstracts on a separate sheet of paper and attach to this application.
Name of presenter(s), project title and faculty supervisor must be typed on top of the attached abstract.
All abstracts must be submitted by Monday, April 7, 2003.


Author: Munieza, Hyacinth B.
Project Title: Changing Life Roles During the Transition to Parenthood
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Wendy A. Goldberg

Over the course of our lives, major life transitions change the perception of ourselves as well as our life roles. In 1978, Cowan and Cowan researched role salience and people’s self-concept during the transition to parenthood. They studied 96 couples becoming first-time parents in order to observe changes in the aspects of the self when becoming parents. This current study builds upon their work, and uses a measure called "The Pie" which Cowan and Cowan (1978) developed. As part of the current investigation, 102 couples expecting their first child completed questionnaires during the last trimester of pregnancy, and about half of these couples also completed questionnaires during the first year after the baby’s birth. Each man and woman divided a circle into "pie slices" that reflected the importance of the major roles in their life right now, and then divided another circle into "slices" reflecting the ideal allocation of roles in their lives. The difference between these two pies formed the "role satisfaction index", and the total number of roles was a measure of "role complexity". Data analysis is currently underway. Planned analyses will address questions regarding changing life roles, the salience of various roles across the transition, whether role satisfaction and role complexity change following the birth of a baby, and the differences between men’s and women’s conceptions of their roles. The findings of this study are expected to increase our understanding of men’s and women’s sense of themselves at this important point in adult development.

We are pleased to provide up to three formal invitation letters for persons whom you would like to invite to the Symposium.

  • Please provide the names and complete addresses of each person you would like to invite in the boxes below.  Please attach additional names and addresses on a separate shet of paper, if needed.
  • We encourage you to invite a high school teacher or counselor who was actively involved in your academic career.
  • Faculty mentors will be invited and need not be listed.
  • Additional guests are welcome to attend the Symposium.
  • Please have all guests RSVP to the UROP Office (949-824-4189; by MONDAY, MAY 5, 2003.

Notification of your presentation time slots and upcoming events will be sent via e-mail.
For more information about how to develop your abstract and presentation, please discuss it with your Faculty/Mentor, the UROP Team, and/or attend the Presentation Skills Workshop on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in Student Services II, Classroom 1010A/B.

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