UROP offers all undergraduates the opportunity to volunteer for the Symposim and contribute to the success of the day. This is a fun and demanding way to experience the Symposium from the inside. Students can fill a number of roles, including:

  • Registration volunteers provide name tags and programs to Symposium guests, answer questions about the schedule, and help orient presenters and guests.
  • Floaters help in a variety of ways, including setting up easels, blowing up balloons, directing guests to their destinations, and cleaning up at the end of the day.
  • Room Monitors primarily assist with the oral presentations, making sure the equipment is working properly and helping the Faculty Moderator and presenters as needed. Room Monitors generally serve as Floaters during the parts of the day when no oral presentations are taking place.

All volunteers are required to attend at least two orientation meetings in the weeks leading up to the Symposium to get to know their team leaders, fellow volunteers and become familiar with their duties.

To volunteer for the Symposium, send an e-mail to urop@uci.edu before the beginning of May.


Hear what former volunteers had to say about their experiences!

"One of the most important skills I will take with me from this experience is cooperation with other people." ---Caroline Tran

"Volunteering for UROP made me see things I failed to understand before." ---Rose David Reyes

"The hours that I spent working with UROP were hours well spent, and I will forever cherish the moments in my heart." ---Manjeet Sandhu

"I feel I learned about organization and problem-solving." ---Sejal Parekh

"I recommend this experience to anyone because working for UROP is an excellent way to get started on becoming more active and involved on campus." ---Joyce A. Komanapalli